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We’re an Australian owned bakery who have been baking in Country NSW since 1918.

We employ over 100 people across regional NSW, and are proud to have a workplace that still feels like a family business.

Yes, we’re traditional. But we’ve always got one eye on the future.

Like any good family, we want you to grow with us.

Our mission is simple: to make sure that our neighbours and friends can always buy bread (and other bakery products) made close to home, from mostly local ingredients.

Sound like something you’d like to be a part of?

Get to know our teams and the careers we offer, or see below our current vacancies.

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Working at Earlyrise Baking Co

Our values

Every person who works here, and every product we make, share the heritage of the brand.


We bring energy and enjoyment in everything we do.


Honest ingredients and honest hard work. We always aim to be transparent about our ownership, supply chains and process.


Our bread is fresh and so is our thinking. Every day, our team builds on our past as they work toward our future.

A range of career opportunities

Bakers & Pastry Chefs icon

Bakers & Pastry Chefs
(Trade Qualified & Apprenticeship)

Our bakers and pastry chefs utilise their skills and knowledge to ensure that the 250+ recipes that make up the Earlyrise Baking Co family of products are of the highest quality.

Bakery Assistants icon

Bakery Assistants

Our Bakery Assistants assist in the preparation, manufacturing, baking and disposal of all products to company standards.

Production Line Operators icon

Production Line Operators

Our production line operators utilise their mechanical expertise and mindset to efficiently operate our bakery machinery and equipment lines to ensure that the end product is of a high quality.

Packing & Dispatch Team icon

Packing & Dispatch Team

Our Packing and Dispatch team are responsible for the accurate and timely packaging and loading of all bakery products to company standards.

Warehouse Team icon

Warehouse Team

Our warehouse team assists in the correct handling, storage and management of all ingredients, packaging and materials within Earlyrise Baking Co.

Delivery Drivers icon

Delivery Drivers

Our delivery drivers are the friendly faces which transport and deliver our bakery products right across NSW and into QLD and the ACT in a safe and timely manner.

Industrial Bakery Cleaners icon

Industrial Bakery Cleaners

We have a team of skilled industrial cleaners who maintain the baking equipment, production lines and the external building to a consistently high standard of cleanliness and food hygiene.

Fixed Plant Fitters & Welders icon

Fixed Plant Fitters & Welders
(Trade Qualified & Apprenticeship)

Our Maintenance Team is made up of Fixed Plant Fitters & Welders assist in ensuring our bakery equipment, machinery and site are in working condition.

Administration, Sales & much more icon

Administration, Sales & much more

We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals across research and development, production, quality assurance, sales and merchandising, payroll and finance, IT, marketing and human resources.

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